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All my buy/sell claims from /r/Forex, including bad ones, updated with results

I make statements on buying and selling in the Forex page and am keeping track of my success/failure rate.

I love Forex Trading



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Forex my brah

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Forex. My 300 pips Profit with Simple News Trading Strategies

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Any one sucessful with Forex? My older brother is trading with "virtual" money and it has me very interested.

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Journalist looking for information/leads on forex scams in the era of COVID-19

Hello Forex!
My name is Ed Prideaux and I’m a UK-based journalist (VICE, BBC, FT, Guardian, Independent, Spectator, etc.). I’m interested in writing an article about how scammers are using the internet - and especially social media platforms like IG - to recruit new bait amid the financial stresses of COVID-19.
One area I want to explore is Forex trading, which has attracted its fair share of fake gurus, 'mentors' and other scammers for a while. I’m looking for tips, potential leads, and things to read and check out. Please share anything and everything you think I should see, and especially if it’s connected to COVID-19 and the economic slowdown.
Ideally, I’d also like to source some testimonies from people in the sub-reddit who were recently scammed. As above, I’m especially interested in hearing from those who were targeted and fell for a scam because of financial hardship triggered by the global recession. For testimonies, everything would be anonymous on request. If you want to help, feel free to PM me or leave a comment, and I’ll PM you.
Thanks -
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I’m 18 and want to start Forex. What mistake will I have to avoid at all cost?

I’m 18, currently going to follow Economics in university and want to learn and trade Forex as a side income. The knowledge I gain from uni will benefit me in my trading while trading will bring me adequate money for my study (I live in Vietnam so the money I can potentially make in Forex is gonna be huge enough).
I intend to start with a deposit of 300$ and build it up slowly while working a part-time job beside studying and pour 50% of that money into Forex (my parents still support me financially until I finish uni so that’s a plus). Is there anything that I should know before actually trading, since Forex is a high risk - high reward way to make money? I don’t want to burn my hard-earned money due to my ignorance.
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Can someone explain to me the relationship between Forex and IM Academy (IML, MLM)? Can it be trusted?

My boyfriend (23) has recently began Forex trading and IM Academy. I honestly have a feeling that something does not seem right about it. I just can’t put my finger on it. Apparently for IM Academy, you’re basically recruiting other people. My boyfriend paid $235 to access the courses on IM academy that assist with Forex trading. However, he has a monthly fee of $170 until he gets 2 people to join his team. Once he gets 2 people to sign up his $170 monthly fee is waived. Therefore, the 2 people he recruited now has to find 2 individuals themselves so they can have their monthly fee waived. He mentioned about a having a mentors and how he helps/guides him in the business of recruiting and Forex. My boyfriend said it’s basically an easy come up and you’re basically making money by using like a “copy paste”method. I’ve also seen things like “Chairman 50”, what is that?
I just need clarification of really what it is and how it all works. I personally feel skeptical about the situation. My boyfriend is insisting that by me asking him about how legit it is means I don’t support him at all. He also says how this might be a good opportunity for him to grow and be a better person. I just don’t want him to f**k himself over that’s all and loose all his money. No matter what the outcome of this is I’ll always be there to support no matter what. But hey, he is a grown man and it’s his money not mine. Also, if it makes him happy and he feels positive about it I’m going to let him do his thing. I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself.
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I see so many people that are interested in Forex. What is all the craze about?

I had a long battle with understanding what trading was and how to go about it. Came to the conclusion that anything above 10 percent return is a rather good day. I have been approached on several occassions to try trading Forex. My gut feeling has always told me that this is a fad. Does anyone here trade Forex, and what is your experience with it?
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250+ Applications, 0 interviews. Please critique my resumes, I'm at the point where I'm considering pyramid schemes/MLM/forex :( Thanks in advance!

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Day #2 of my Forex Journey

Real quick before I get into my next steps of my FX Journey, id like to say thank you to all the people who commented on my last post! All of the tips I got were really eye-opening and introduced me to different parts of FX trading that I didn't even know existed. So thank you so much, and I hope to get more interesting feedback from you guys in the future! Also Im going to probably change my writing frequency from daily to biweekly. I think writing about every little trade is not going to be as beneficial to me as writing about my overall progress at certain points throughout the week.
I started this trading day out by learning up on order flow. A whole bunch of you guys suggested really interesting youtubers to watch, and I started with Mr. pip's series on order flow. After I finished up watching a few of his videos, I started to tweak my trading plan so that I could get in some chart time. I changed currency pair from EUUSD to the AUD/USD, the time frame from the 4 hour to the 1 hour, and my indicators from RSI, Stochastic, 2 SMAs and ADX to ATR, RSI, and Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. I also added a little fundamental analysis in my trading plan because I think that I am being far too reliant on my indicators. I planned to check the economic calendar and determine the general trend of the currency pairs that are strongly correlated to the AUD/USD before I began my chart analysis. In addition to all of my analysis, I tried to practice using the techniques I learned in Mr. Pip's videos and analyze the order flow of the chart. Even if my analysis of order flow is wrong, as long as I am getting practice I am learning.
Eventhough I planned to use today to back-test indicators and find a solid new plan, I did not have enough time. I ended up getting on my demo account really late in the day, and started to force myself to enter a trade. Destructive habits like this could lead into some massive issues when I eventually get into live trading. To combat this harmful attitude specifically, I will restrict myself to trading on certain parts of the day (for example session overlaps, news releases, and earlier in the day). Despite this mistake I still continued with my trading strategy. I calculated all the currency correlations for AUS/USD using the past weeks economic data, and set my indicators in place. After checking the overall trend of the most strongly correlated pairs (Positive: EUUSD, GPB/USD, Negative: USD/CAD, USD/JPY) I started to analyze the order flow. All the correlated currencies, except for EUUSD, indicated that the AUD/USD would fall, while my order flow analysis indicated the opposite. Seeing as though I am extremely new to order flow, I dismissed this analysis, and ended up forcing a trade on the AUD/USD going short when my indicators seemed to line up correctly. I learned from last time that I should not alter or close my trade purely based on emotion, and to just wait till the market hits my stop loss or take profit. I included a trailing stop loss of 60 pips this time, but I have no evidence to base that number range on. The trade is currently open and I am down about 30 pips.
Although I am not labeling this trade as a loser yet, I can definitely see a lot of holes in my trading strategy. The most obvious mistake in my eyes right now is my use of indicators. Currently all my trades are purely based on what my indicators say, and since I do not have any back-tested data to support the credibility of my indicators, it feels a lot like strategic gambling. Another issue is that I feel far too reliant on indicators alone. I think that if I can find ways to include various types of analysis efficiently and evenly in my trading plan I will become a much more skillful and well-rounded trader. In order to combat these two issues I will begin forming various types of trading strategies this weekend and back-test them all extensively. I also plan on researching more on price action, order flow, and Naked Forex.
Once again any and all feedback is welcome. I am just beginning Forex, but it had been a huge passion of mine and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.
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My biggest problem in Forex

My biggest problem in forex is I can't stop interfering with my active trades. My strategy could be correct but I intentionally screw myself over. Any tips on how to fix this problem.
I could try to stop looking at charts. all-day LOL
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I think that my friend is in a forex trading pyramid scheme "Walking ATMS"

My friend asked me if I wanted to join a group of people meeting and recruiting people for what seems like a pyramid scheme. They have videos on youtube ( he doesn't seem to have paid in yet but I'm worried that more people will be affected by this anyone else seen anything similar?
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my brother keeps asking me for money for (i’m assuming) trading/forex and i don’t know if i should stop giving it to him

a while ago my brother started asking me for money, it wasn’t much- $100 here $150 there. i always assumed it was because he was living paycheck to paycheck and needed a little extra $, which made no sense to me because his job pays quite well, and he lives at home. then i overheard him talking about stocks and how many shares he’d bought that day and then it was starting to make sense. he always gives me my money back no later than a couple days, and he’s quite reliable, so i’ve always trusted that he was going to give me my money back anyway and i didn’t question lending him money since he always made good on it. plus he’s my older brother and like i said, extremely financially reliable so it was a no brainer. but recently he has upped the amount and asked me for $700, which i sent him no problem. and a couple days later he asked if i could send $1000, and asked if i wanted to make an extra $100. he saw i was skeptical so he explained that it was a money-back guaranteed competition or something. he has never ever explained what he needed the money for before this -not that i ever asked- but this time it was almost $2000 so i guess he knew he had to explain. at this point i already figured out what the money was for so i asked if i’m getting my money back whether or not he makes it back. he gave me his word that i’m not losing any money, in fact i’ll earn $100. not that i would ever risk $1700 for $100 but like i said i trust him so i sent it to him.
now i have no doubt that he’s gonna give me my money back, that’s not even the issue, but i’m moreso worried that if i keep giving him money no questions asked, i might be enabling him in some way and might just be fuelling his trading needs. i’m sure he’s responsible in how he does it, but you just can’t be too sure where there’s money and gambling involved. i (very clearly) dont know much about trading so i’m not even going to bother asking him, but i just don’t want him to get into a place he can’t get out of all because i lent him money the second he asked. should i cut back a little? should i just let him do his thing? idk if the question even makes sense but i guess i’m not sure if I’M even being financially responsible.
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Since their support bot can't help, and I can't speak to a real person, can someone help determine my current leverage on

Unlike Oanda, I was not asked or am able to intuitively see what my current leverage is.
Can anyone who uses help guide a bit?
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New to forex , why did EURUSD and GBPUSD jump up so bad ? Plus are my support and resistant levels in a good place? Do the market’s regularly jump Obove and below support and resistant levels (1hr chart)

New to forex , why did EURUSD and GBPUSD jump up so bad ? Plus are my support and resistant levels in a good place? Do the market’s regularly jump Obove and below support and resistant levels (1hr chart) submitted by Tommyblackie to Forex [link] [comments]

So my dad has joined this “‘mentality” group. It’s related to FOREX investments, anyone can help me out?

He’s been acting weird and secretive lately about these ZOOM meetings that he is attending; he locks himself in a room and nobody can disturb him no matter what.
I checked his computer while he was away and I found that what he has joined is something called “Freedom Alquimia: mentality and Forex”. It’s all in Spanish (we’re in Spain and are Spanish).
From what he has told me the people there are making 5K a month just by trading very little and he wants that. I know that’s already fishy, but he says that he hasn’t put any money at all. So.... I’m confused.
His behavior has been changing since he started this and he claims that my mum is “sabotaging” his success; and I’m just scared they’re brainwashing him or something. Maybe it’s legit but... I need to confirm somehow and google didn’t help at all..
Thank you everyone!!!
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I heard a live forex pitch right on my balcony.

So I was sitting out on my balcony (in an apartment complex) and out comes my upstairs neighbor. He is conducting an “interview” over FaceTime. The “interviewee” was telling him that he had lost his job due to Covid and has struggled to find employment since. So all of a sudden my neighbor goes “okay so this interview is going to go like this: I am going to tell you a little bit about what we do” and talks about how when you exchange 100 dollars of US money, you get more back when you exchange it for euros. Then he goes on this whole thing about how the Foreign Currency Exchange is a lucrative way to make income—whatever.
THEN. he says-another way to earn income is to get other people to join the “group chat” (whatever that means) this man literally says “you can have 12 people under you but you don’t have to sign up those twelve people. You sign up three people and those three people sign up three people.” ThAt Is a PyRaMiD.
This poor victim fell for the scam and sent my neighbor 200 dollars and now has to pay 176 a month which I guess goes toward trading?
Anyways I did a little digging and it’s a company called Forex and I am fairly certain it is not legal.
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09-27 14:25 - 'Well I have also mine a lot of coins and never lost my coins, I got a secured and standard method to flip your coins and make double I’m sure you’ve heard about it. Yes It’s more like forex but even easier. Interested pe...' by /u/SeniorAgent47 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 97-107min

Well I have also mine a lot of coins and never lost my coins, I got a secured and standard method to flip your coins and make double I’m sure you’ve heard about it. Yes It’s more like forex but even easier. Interested people only, please no games. And it would be. I’ve doing business with me. contact : (385) 254-7202 Or write me on my mail. [email protected]
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My favorite forex broker

Choice of platforms
Easy to use
my type of a broker
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My account is not enabled for Forex trading

Hello, I opened a custodial account today and I was playing around with the app. I went to look at the EUUSD options and I saw my account wasn't enabled to use Forex. How can I enable my account for Forex trading!
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Fractional lots of Eur/Usd vs M6E

I have experience trading stocks and ES and this is my first forex into forex. My question is, if you can trade fractional lots of EuUsd like .50 0r .20, why would anyone trade M6E?
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Trading M6E vs Fractional Lots of Eur/Usd

I’m funding my IB account tomorrow. I have experience trading stocks and ES; however, I am new to forex. My question is, if you are allowed to trade fractional lots of EuUsd, why would you trade M6E?
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Forex vs Day trading stocks

Curious as to why many of you have chosen FX over stocks? Scalping fits my personality and that’s what I have been doing lately. However not overly confident with my knowledge in forex. My question is; can anyone list a comprehensive pros vs cons of FX vs stocks? Unsure what I want to put more time and effort into, as I’d like to devote time to the one which is more so profitable.
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This Forex Strategy Made Me A Millionaire (For Beginners ... My Dumb A** got SCAMMED by FOREX Lost $500 - YouTube HANNAH FOREX - YouTube How Forex Trading Changed My Life - YouTube My $176K Forex Trade Breakdown By: @CueBanks - YouTube

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This Forex Strategy Made Me A Millionaire (For Beginners ...

What's up! I'm Hannah and I'm learning how to trade the forex markets. Join me as I document my forex trading journey through film, sharing the ups and the d... My $176K Forex Trade Breakdown Follow me on IG : @CueBanks Broker being used : For more Course information visit: HOW FOREX CHANGED MY LIFE IN 10 MONTHS? ----- Send Me A Message to Get Access to Our Forex Commu... Copy My Pro Forex Signals For FREE today! https://WWW.FXLIFESTYLE.COM FOLLOW MY FACEBOOK ADD MY SNAPCHAT FXL... Here is a complete beginner guide on how to start trading forex. Learn what forex is, what we trade & how to make money trading forex. Broker I personally us...